1. Why should you choose Holman Fence? Holman Fence LLC is a small family owner company that prides itself on great workmanship, outstanding customer service, and over 20 years of product knowledge.

2. What type of warranty will I get from Holman Fence? Holman Fence offers a 1 year warranty on material and workmanship for wood and chain link fence. We offer a transferable lifetime warranty on PVC fences and ornamental fences (Steel) come with a 20 year warranty and the aluminum fences come with a lifetime warranty.

3. What type of lumber does Holman Fence offer? We offer both Pressure Treated Pine and Western Red Cedar. The biggest difference between the PTP and WRC fences is the life expectancy. WRC will last 15+ years while the PTP will last around 10 years. Another major benefit for the WRC over the PTP is that the Cedar is a dryer material which means less warping, splitting, shrinking, and cupping which is more synonymous with PTP material.

4. What are the differences between wood fences and PVC fence? Wood fences will last around 10-15 years while the PVC fences will last 25+ years. The PVC fence also has an outstanding warranty and the maintenance is minimal at best. With the PVC fence you don’t have to worry about warping, splitting, shrinking, and cupping which happens with wood fences. With a PVC fence you don’t have to continue to pressure wash and stain the fence on a regular basis.

5. What does Holman Fence recommend between ornamental steel and aluminum? Holman Fence Like the strength of the Galvanized steel fence and it comes with a 20 year warranty. A lot of the aluminum fences are so thin that they don’t hold up well in storms or against dogs and kids. We highly recommend steel fences around pools to give the enclosure the strength to help you meet the pool codes for years to come.